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Unwavering Commitment to Marxism

Com.Shabbar Hussain & com.Ajit Sinha

Comrade Shabbar Hussain

The demise ofComrade Shabbar Hussain, who dedicated his life for the cause of revolution, is a great loss to the peoples movement in India and party organization in UttarPradesh. He breathed his last in Luchnow on 15 thNovember 2014 due to prolonged illness. TheCentral Committee of CPI (ML) pays revolutionary homage to its departed leader and expresses its heartfelt condolences to his bereaved familymembers

Com. Shabbar Hussain was Born in 1934 in a family of feudal nawabs in Barabanki district of UP.He adopted Marxism as his world outlook in his student days. Anti-feudal struggle in and around Barabanki and Luchnow means in those days an uncompromising struggle against nawabs. He stood on the side of oppressed people, earned their loveand affection and became a leader of toiling masses. He organized many a struggle of peasants in a militant manner against feudal exploitation and oppression. The attendance of peasants, small traders and intellectuals in large number in hi scondolence meeting held on 18 th December 2014at Luchnow showed the place he carved in thehearts of the people.

When his life partner, Com.Ishpat Jahan Begum, expressedher love and her wish to marryhim, Com.Shabbarji explained toher the difficulties and hardships that are going to be faced in his life due to his chosen path of life that dedicated to peoples movement. Only when sheagreed to share his hardships along with joys, he married her. She took up a small job and stood throughout her life by his sidefacing all the hardships and always ready to sacrifice forpeoples cause. She breathedher last a few months before Com.Shabbar Hussain.

Comrade Shabbarji was also popularly known as Doctorsaab. After passing his MA, he got a diploma in Homeopathic medicine with sole aim of serving the people. He provided free medical service to the people until his death. He used to keep ready hundreds of bottles containing homeopathic medicines around his bed to give to patients.

Comrade Shabbarji was selfless to the core. He was full of compassion towards the people and their toil. He responded withall the seriousness for every peoples problem. He used toattend the Committee meetings and played active role overcoming the difficulty of long distance travelling even after a surgery was performed on his leg.

He joined the undivided Communist Party of India in 1958 and became the member of Barabanki district committee in 1960. Under the leadership ofCom. Shiv Kumar Mishra, he played an important role in the political and ideological struggle and joined Communist Party of India (Marxist).He was arrested in 1964 during the Indo-Pak War and again in 1974 in the background of agitations in Gujarat. As a member of Indo-China Freindship group he toured in China for three months in 1989. In 1968-69, he differedwith the political line of CPI (M) and joined AICCCR and the CPI(ML) led by Com. CharuMazumdar. Within few months he rejected the left adventurist line of Charu Mazumdar. Later he joined OCCR led by Comrade Kanu Sanyal and continued as the CCM of COI (ML). In 2005 when CPI (ML) was formed he continued as its CCM till his death

We pay our revolutionary homage to Comrade Shabbar Hussain who lived as a communist throughout his life.

Red Salutes to Comrade Shabbar Hussain!

Central CommitteeCPI(ML)

Comrade Asit Sinha

The passing away of Comrade Asit Sinha on 31st January 2015 due to cerebral attack is agreat loss to the revolutionary movement not only of West Bengal but also of Indian communist movement. His firm commitment to Marxism-Leninism, to communist movement and his simple life style and his relentless struggle against left and right deviations inspires us forever. We pay our revolutionary homage to Comrade Asit Sinha and express our heartfelt condolences to his kith and kin that took care of him in his last years of life

Comrade Asit Sinha was born in October 1939 at Galimpur village of Nawabgunj subdivision of Dhaka district of the then undivided Bengal presently Bangladesh. After the transfer of power his family of middle level landlords migrated to Kulti town near Asansol in West Bengal. After completing his school education, Com. Asit Sinha joined Gurudas College, Calcutta in 1956. After completing his graduation he joined in the lawcourse in Calcutta University. In his days at Gurudas College he joined Bengal Provincial Students Federation and actively participated in the student movement.

In Calcutta University, he became one of the prominent leaders of BPSF and became a member of CPI in 1959. When the CPI (M) was formed he joined and continued his activities as aleader of BPSF. He was jailed under the Preventive DetentionAct for one year in 1965-66 during India-Pakistan war. In theinternal party struggle against neo-revisionism he stood on the side of revolutionary line. He joined AICCCR and left the city to work as a professionalrevolutionary in the rural areas.

Comrade Asit Sinha worked with revolutionary spirit in 1969 when he was engaged in making preparations for the public meeting held at Azad Maidan,Calcutta in which the formation ofCPI(ML) was announced. after three months when he opposedthe left sectarian line of the same CPI(ML). He Showed the samefighting spirit. He was always cautious against the left sectarian trend that would harm the peoples movement.

Comrade Asit Sinha was arrested in 1970 and was released in 1977. During this period, he fought against left adventurist line of CPI(ML) led by Com. CharuMazumdar. After his release from jail, he joined hands with Comrade Kanu Sanyal in organising OCCR and later the COI(ML). When the CPI(ML) was formed in 2005 he joined as a member of its Central Committee and continued till his death.

Com. Asit Sinha was a good football player. He mingle closely with all irrespective of their age. Hetook the responsibility of leading the Uttar Pradesh State Committee and Nadia and Malda district committees in West Bengal when he was in the COI (ML). He acted as a member of the Central Executive Committee of CPI (ML)and as a member of the Editorial Board of the Party’s internal organ. He came out of the married life that happened in hisearly political life as it faced many ups and downs and lived a life fully dedicated to the Party.Taking the Party as his family, heled a matured and balanced political life.

All through his career that spanned more than 50 years,comrade Asit Sinha was committed to Marxism-Leninismand Maos Thought and spent best of his energies to organize the people and to build a united Party of the proletariat.

Even after his first cerebral attack in 1996, he carried on his activities till he was forced to bed

Red Salutes to Comrade Asit Sinha.

Central Committee