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A terrorist attack on 16 December by the Tehreek-e-Taliban or Pakistan Taliban on a military supported public school in Peshawar left more than 130 people dead - the vast majority of them children. The attack was clearly designed to inflict the maximum loss of life. It reportedly involved seven men wearing suicide bombs. Around 10 a.m. local time, the assailants hopped compound wall and fired indiscriminately followed by blasts. The Pakistani military intervened and set about capturing the school. Exchanges of fire continued for hours and by the afternoon the authorities announced that they had secured the school. The information about the way the attack and counter attack were taken place were kept away from the public. A Reuter report noted: “It was not clear whether some or all the children were killed by gunmen, suicide bombs or in the ensuing battle with Pakistani security forces trying to take control of the building”.

In claiming responsibility for the horrific attack, a Pakistan Taliban representative said it was in retaliation for the Pakistani military offensive in the North Waziristan. “We want them to feel pain” he said. The Army Public School receives financial support from the military and is attended by sons and daughters of military personnel stationed in Peshawar. However, it is a public school open to the general public and most of its more than 1000 students hail from civilian families. Whether the students belong to army personnel or civilian families, it is a dastardly attack and needs strong condemnation. ‘The Class Struggle” Conveys its heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families.

Both Pakistani and world media is silent about another war going on in Pakistan. The Pakistani military’s brutal assault in Northern Waziristan, at the behest of US imperialism and in close partnership with the pentagon and CIA, with the aim of squeezing the Afghan Taliban to save US client regime in Afghanistan, already took hundreds of lives of common people of Pakistan. The military attack was started in last June with aerial and artillery bombardments of densely populated areas in North Waziristan. Three days later the military ordered a pause, but only to order the entire population to evacuate the area in 48 hours. Those who did not flee would be considered terrorists, announced the military. Once the deadline passed, the military resorted to indiscriminate attacks, flattening schools and whole villages.

Now the Waziristan looks deserted, most of its 10 million populations remain displaced. While some have found shelter with families and friends in neighbouring districts, at least 700,000 people are living in squalid refugee camps. Along with the Pakistan Army, the US drones continued to rain death, slaughtering women, children and other non-combatants, and terrorizing people as has been documented in a study by the UNO.

The government of Pakistan and leaders of imperialist countries sought to utilize the terrorist attack to justify their aggressive acts in West Asia and declared to continue their so-called war on terrorism. The US imperialism. in its thirst for world hegemony, unleashing series of aggressive wars in West Asia and North Africa and continuing its military aggressions with pretest of restoring the so-called democratic rule. In reality it is trying to sustain its puppet regimes from the wrath of the people in Afghanistan Iraq and Libya to continue its strangle hold over the oil resources of these countries.

Why the Pakistan is bleeding for the last two decades? The predatory foreign policy of US imperialism has proved ruinous for the people of Pakistan and Afghanistan. The Talibans, whether in Afghanistan or Pakistan, are among the products of the policy pursued by the US and its client Pakistani governments. During the 1980s, the US imperialism in league with Pakistani intelligence and the Saudi monarchy, organized, financed and armed the Afghan mujahedeen from which the Taliban ultimately emerged, to fight the pro-Russian government in Kabul, as part of its contention with USSR for establishing its hegemony over the world. The Pakistani dictator Zia-ul-Huq conducted a massive islamisation campaign to throttle the toiling masses and democratic voices in Pakistan. The offshoots of these Islamic fundamentalist forces were used to topple the governments in Iraq and Libya and now in Syria. The ISIS is also one of products of US imperialist policy of raking of fundamentalism.

The wrath and anguish of the people at the terrorist attack in Peshawar should be directed first and foremost at those responsible, though decades of imperialist aggression, violence and machinations for world hegemony, ie., the US imperialism, the Pakistan regime and other imperialist forces that are supporting the aggressive wars.